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  • Bill_N

    You sure this isn’t an annex to the Dorothy Chandler Pavillion? I feel sorry for the neighbors who have to look at that thing 24/7/365.

  • Grrrowler

    I have to wonder if the edict to the architect was to make it as incongruous as possible with the surrounding traditional houses. If so, job well done. From the street it looks like a power substation plunked down in the middle of the neighborhood.

  • simone16

    Yikes….thats a teardown.

  • tennis4life

    while not my favorite ed niles house, one of the best of his is at 24434 Malibu rd also another one of his designs the former Malibu bluff estate of the late johnny carson.
    But all traditionalists use the same blah blah blah, tear down , eyesore for anything that is not in keeping with their tastes. do believe were in the 2ist century now!!!! there is more than greek revival, Mediterranean, Spanish colonial, how many copycat styles can you have over and over and over. Are there California style homes in the mediterranean, cause nothing but the former here!!!

  • Anon



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