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  • Daniel

    Honest to God, the kid’s room is the best in the whole house. Seems all the creativity went into it and nothing else in this house. Big open rooms that swallow the furniture. Bad.

  • Jordan Weiss

    The family that built the house were clients of mine. Believe it or not, this house was even more boring originally. Just about everything in the listing photos is new since 2012.

  • Teddee13

    I don’t understand this community. Parkland is a beautiful place inhabited by fairly young, successful, affluent people and I’ve yet to see a house there that I’d pay to live in. This one has got to be the worst. Ugly rooms, hideous furniture, no creativity whatsoever…except in that kid’s room. I just don’t get it. You’d think that Boca with all their seniors would be the place with sedate tastes, but no. It’s as if Parkland got together and decide to hire architects, builders and designers with no creativity or vision whatsoever.

    • Daniel

      It’s because Parkland to me is truly one huge cookie cutter community, a la Wellington. Sure, you have some “custom” homes sprinkled here and there, but because the land is relatively cheap compared to more eastern communities, you end up getting huge, half assed McMansions with little to no redeeming architectural value.

      • Teddee13

        Can that be it? I don’t know. Seems to me there are more inspired homes in Pembroke Pines than Parkland…and that’s saying something. At this point I don’t think anyone with taste is going to build their dream home in Parkland, so it’s doomed.


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