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  • horselips

    Hmmm, floor to ceiling window wall in the bathroom, open to a dozen buildings around me? Now I know what those astronomy telescopes are really for. The moon they’re focused on isn’t in outer space.
    All these ‘contemporary’ condo apartments look alike, same views, same interior décor, same ol’ same ol’ – yada yada yada. But at just over 3,500 square feet, this an insult to our intelligence. The only possible use for such a dump is as a secret love nest for some two-timing corporate lawyer or managing broker on the down-low with the new boy in the mailroom. Make an offer of $750K and watch them jump at it.

    • Barnabus Samuel

      Agreed that waaaaaaaaaay too many contemporary apartments, condo’s and cond-ops’ over the past 5 years at least almost are designed & decorated the same and that the oceans of glass are about as practical as completely transparent clothes. However, sorry but you’re clinically delusional regarding the price. Real estate in Manhattan is and as has been selling at such a truly indescribable pace and speed in that same period so as to defy description by any language on earth. The prices per square foot and prices in total have been and are beyond mind boggling.


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