100,000+ Square Foot Beverly Hills Compound To List For $500 Million Once Completed | Homes of the Rich – The #1 Real Estate Blog


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  • Jackson

    Wow, pretty amazing. But at a price of $500 million I would expect way more than 4 acres, even in a place like Beverly Hills. The house better be absolutely amazing in order to sell. I’m not sure if a modern or contemporary home was the best choice though, but there might just be some mega billionaire out there that falls in love with it.

  • Daniel

    Um. There is definitely an added zero on the list price that is not supposed to be there. It’s basically a car dealership with a sweet pool. If it ever gets built I doubt it’ll surpass a fifth of the asking price.

    • Bill_N

      The number is 500 Mil according to the Bloomberg Business Report.
      That is, of course, you have information they don’t?

  • horselips

    Unless I were constantly entertaining parties of a hundred, the whole place would quickly feel kinda lonely, and I’d start feeling kinda…stupid. I predict epic buyer’s remorse, and a resale price of a rather small fraction of the original.

    • Mak

      Ain’t that the truth. But its true for most homes over 8,000 sq. If you’re a parent with mature children, you’ll have rooms people never go into, bedrooms that collect dust, game rooms that are essentially vacant for 90% of the time, home movie theaters that never get the lights turned on in them, ballrooms that are used maybe a couple of times a year for charitable fund raising parties, pools that sit unused most of the year. If one has multiple houses, it’s even worse, because they sit completely empty for months and months at a time.

      It’s a fools game to build these huge places unless you have a huge extended family that just suck off the family wealth spigot all day long.

  • AlexanderMurchison

    Hell for just a teensy bit more, one could drop $725 million on the Waggoner Ranch in Texas and own a property that contains so much land its like owning half of Rhode Island.

    • AndrewF

      True, but I doubt the potential buyers are cross-shopping Beverly Hills mansions with cattle producing land in Texas…

  • AndrewF

    The sad thing is someone might well buy it at that price, just for the bragging rights of owning the most expensive home in the world… until a more expensive one comes along. At which point the real value will become apparent and it will be likely somewhat under 500 mil. Oh well, my heart bleeds for them… not.

  • Leon

    with less than a five hundred potential buyers in the entire world, you would think they would have to have a buyer already lined up, the meager billionaire isn’t going to blow half their fortune on a house

  • Teddee13

    Wow. So this is essentially a half billion dollar spec house? Is he insane?

    I have yet to see any of these I’m-going-to-tag-a-property-with-the-most-ridiculous-price-I-can-so-i-can-get-the-free-publicity hit anywhere near their asking price. Remember the “most expensive home on the market” property in Greenwich? How about Spelling Manor and Marseille? At least Spelling Manor sold. How many times has Stone Mansion been reduced now?

    It’s mostly those in entertainment that buy expensive properties in Beverly Hills and I can’t think of any of them who could afford this. Trump might be stupid enough to try to buy it but I doubt he could afford it. I don’t see a Wall Street billionaire setting down roots in Cali and the Sultan of Brunei already has a Middle Eastern castle. The Holyfield estate costs $1 million a year to run. I’m guessing that $1 million would be the monthly, not yearly, cost to operate this place. Who would spend that kind of money on a 4 acre, pre-customized property?

  • Timothy

    Between buying the land, building cost and material cost, it will cost a minimum $75 million to build. Then, it will cost at least $250,000 per month to run. Plus, a minimum of $1 million per year in taxes.

    He better hope it sells fast. Because I don’t care how good of a producer you are, you can’t afford the maintenance and upkeep on this house unless you have business ventures on the side.


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