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  • PPL

    i like it, but the kitchen is to modern for a spanish house

  • Grrrowler

    “Hello, Staging R Us? Yes, hi, I wanted to check in with you on your design for my new listing. As we mentioned in our meeting, it’s a rather expensive house so I want to really show it off and I don’t mind spending part of the large commission I hope to make to get it right. Oh great, I’m glad to hear you’ve had time to put a design together. So no indoor furniture at all so that we can show how spacious the rooms are? And nothing on the walls so that buyers don’t feel that it’s cluttered? I like where this is going. Fires burning in the fireplaces but all the doors open to the outside? That sounds very homey, and it’s something I do in my house literally all the time. Some Adirondack chairs that don’t match the other outdoor furniture to add some whimsy? That’s bold, very bold. And the kitchen will be the highlight you say? Artichokes and wilted fennel, that’s brilliant! I’ve heard enough. With your staging design I don’t see how we won’t have multiple offers within a week. I want you to start right away since it sounds like it could take several days for you to finish.”


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