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  • AndrewF

    A perfect home for a cult waiting for their mothership.

    • simone16

      I was just about to say the same thing….This has David Koresh written all over it.

  • John Senior

    It’s strange, it looks terribly designed, but I would guess that someone was trying to build a huge condo complex rather than a megamansion. Think that it will sell for the price of the land minus the cost to level this terrible mistake.

  • Daniel

    Perfect for a cult, sex slave business or human trafficking. The local fire department should buy it and use it for practice.

    • Teddee13

      I like the fire practice idea. Or arson investigator training. Pretty much any scenario in which this house could go up in smoke or get blown to smithereens is ok by me. Unless it could be used to house battered women or homeless veterans…then I’d be ok with it staying on the landscape.

    • thatsweird

      I think you are on the money or either it’s a sleeper cell central or botH.. who hates the sunlight that much? Who built this and why

      • cj

        Actually a well know Dr and his wife…but they ws building it to be a rehab facility

  • Sheldon

    That is absolutely ridiculous!

  • Teddee13

    55 bedrooms…why? Forget its weird X-Men prep school/convention center/megachurch vibe…because we could discuss the awfulness of its dimensions and facade forever, but someone explain to me why any single family home would need 55 bedrooms. I just don’t understand because I don’t think polygamists would choose to settle down in Texas. Ditto with a middle eastern sultan and his harem. So yeah, I guess I’m just not getting it and the wondering is driving me crazy.

    • AndrewF

      Someone was planning to start a harem but as it turns out no woman open-minded enough to be up for polyamory was willing to live in Manvel, TX.

    • ellie

      it was supposed to be a live-in rehab center for the doctor’s patients. (a doctor and his wife began to build it)

  • tranglec

    I wonder what it looks like on the inside. Probably like a warehouse that stores rooms.

    A walk through something like that would be more interesting than one through a proper mega mansion, I imagine. I also would have loved to see Mike Tyson’s weird mega mansion. From what I have seen on pictures, it looked like someone lifted a 10 year old’s Minecraft mansion into the real world and had a bunch of Amish dudes who usually only build barns do the construction work.

    • AndrewF

      well, if you search youtube for ‘mike tyson mansion’ you’ll get a number of hits… spoiler alert: it’s just as awful and tasteless as one would expect from Mike Tyson.

      • tranglec

        I don’t know much about Tyson, but the few times I have seen him in interviews and the such, he didn’t strike me as extraordinarily trashy, compared to other celebrities and star athletes.

        I heard he’s breeding carrier pigeons, which is a relatively cultivated hobby, again, compared to what other celebrities do in their spare time, hehehe.

        I’m not even looking down my nose at his taste in architecture. Good architecture is what the owner likes and feels comfortable in. Everything else is snobbery. What I found so weird about his mansion is how cheap everything looked. It just was so obvious that the house wasn’t build by people who have had any prior experience with such projects. It really looked as if a company that previously only had built trailers, mobile homes and garden sheds suddenly tried to build a 20 million dollar mega mansion.

  • tlca

    Imagine all the interior bedrooms with no windows? The entire one side of the house is garage doors so windows there – there are really only a few windows along the other side show in picture 3. Just a mess…….

  • sedunam

    Apparently there is a very similar mansion just next to this one (for what I can see from googlemaps). It’s a little bit smaller but it has the same general design. What’s going on in this neighborhood ?

    • Luis de Rivas

      The property was built by a doctor as a rehabilitation facility in 2001. He finished another facility on an adjacent lot. The property is worth $1.2 mil. Not sure what pie in the sky Realtor thinks they can get more than $3 mill. Hardly ugly…it was never intended as a homestead. And it’s out in the country on a cow pasture; land worth about $200k.

  • Jackson

    This is my dream house.

  • Katie Hunt

    Honestly this house could be a freakin fortress !!!!!!! during a zombie apocalypse, or anything “end of the worldly” things, you know. You would be set for LIFE!!! if you do it right.

  • doggiedaddy

    Have you seen the one in Russia?

  • doggiedaddy
    • disqus crazy

      It’s actually a fairly safe neighborhood.

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  • Pat

    You just have no clue of the possibilities this place has to offer. I see the rehab center part, but no windows?? 1st. inspection 2. find the original plans 3. start making windows and rooms 4. kitchen and bath rooms. Most of all the land you can grow your own food etc.

  • Lilla

    Looks like it’s perfect for the duggers it reminds me of a concentration camp for some reason

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