The Stone Mansion In Alpine, NJ Re-listed For $49 Million | Homes of the Rich – The #1 Real Estate Blog

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  • Kenny Michael Forder

    Hopefully it will finally sell….

    • James

      Kenny, you been working out?

  • Andrew

    To a casual observer this house would seem to have a lot going for it – why is it such a tough property to sell, I wonder?

    • agman

      Probably the enormous maintenance cost involved.

  • Keepmeposted

    If the house has five levels. Why are there only three floor plans. Where is rest?

    • Matty

      It has 4 levels not 5. I would imagine the 3rd floor is more for storage or maybe some unfinished space.

      • Kenny Michael Forder

        It has a huge finished attic with bedrooms

        • Keepmeposted

          Thank you yea hopefully house will sell soon

      • Guest

        The house DOES have 5 levels, Matty ! There’s the attic level (note stairs), the master bedroom level, the entry level (with ballroom), the basement (rec rooms) and a SUB basement where the basketball court is (note stairs down near wine cellar).

  • Grrrowler

    It’s a great house but it’s become a white elephant. I think it’s time to turn it into a B&B or a corporate conference center.

    • John Senior

      It should be a retreat for the insane, and you’ll have the nicest room. A $50m B&B, words fail me.

  • Daniel

    At this point it really should just be listed at a realistic price. Methinks in the <$30 Million range. It's a lovely home with many merits, but if this was in Greenwich it would have sold long ago for probably around the asking price. This ain't Greenwich though.

    • katrina

      If would have sold for much more than 50 million – more like 80 million plus!!

    • James Shelding

      Alpine is more prestigious than Greenwich plus it is closer to Manhattan.

  • TV fan 707

    I want this house to sell so badly!

  • PS1

    This compound will not sell for asking because it’s constructed of cheap materials, namely particle board for the outer walls. This is also why the exterior looks so flimsy/thin/shallow. Look at ANY mansion built before 1945, then, look at this POS. The difference in construction quality is startling.

  • Whom ignore opportunity purchase this “estate” before late going sold ideal investor E-B 5 besides wealth heating bill not a thrill. Anyhow, elegant ideal manor home foreigner buyers infatuated with Alpine,N.J exterior must admit looks generic. Interiors are impeccable taste elegant within time going sell should be larger Alpine name sells realty Tom Ford eager to buy along Rufus Wainwright since pay with cash. Sell homes of beauty worth the investment.

    • Guest

      If you can’t SPEAK English, don’t try to TYPE it either !

  • Guest

    LOVE this house, just not enough to move to Jersey for ! Well, THAT and I’m about $48 million short !

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