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  • Daniel

    Well, 1,200 feet of ocean and Intracoastal frontage is almost unique. While I personally don’t care for the main house judging from the few photos, you can’t deny the value of the dirt. Personally, I’m not a fan of the property because the main home is literally 4-5 feet from A1A…check out Google Streetview. Also, the lots are very narrow. The tree tunnel this property creates is lovely though, and if sold, I hope the new owners retain it. As for the price, I think something around half would be fair.

  • Tony

    Overpriced for Manalapan. Also the main home looks nothing like 62,000 square feet. The Spelling/Ecclestone Manor is only 56,000 square feet minus the attic space and it looks so much bigger than this house.

  • agman

    That is absolutely insane for anywhere on the east coast of FL. For heaven’s sake it’s located off the coast of Lantana which borders Boynton and Lake Worth. Two areas known in the past for their crime and illegal immigrant populations.

  • Barnabus Samuel

    PSYCHOTICALLY PRICED on a PSYCHOTIC level. Even BILLIONAIRES won’t but this small town masquerading as a residential real estate listing. The EGO, EXCESS and MATERIALISM are MIND BOGGLING beyond description. REVOLTING.

    • Patty May

      But I’ll bet YOU wouldn’t mind living there!

      • Barnabus Samuel

        Seriously, NO, I wouldn’t live there if the owners PAID me to ’cause most people, EVEN the rich, have utterly NO taste in their MOUTHS, let alone between their ears. YET ANOTHER Mediterranean McMansion in Florida……HOW original!! 99% of traditional architecture & interior design do utterly nothing for me and I find such excess that most likely, has never truly been utilized to even just 75% of its capacity revolting to my very core.
        That’s not to say that I wouldn’t like an impeccably designed, built & decorated, but REASONABLY SIZED mid-century modern or contemporary home on an acre or two on the Ocean, but gargantuan monstrosities with more square footage and acreage than are every truly usable are obscene.


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