Actress Demi Moore Lists NYC Triplex Penthouse For $75 Million | Homes of the Rich – The #1 Real Estate Blog


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  • carolina diaz

    How the hell does she got a penthouse of 75 million dollars?
    that’s the real question.

    • jack

      She probably didn’t buy it for that much. She’s selling it for more than what she and Bruce bought it for.

  • Barnabus Samuel

    ASTOUNDING that you can make THAT kind of fortune to afford buying a place like that from being two REEEEEEALLY BAD ACTORS. But, that’s Hollywood and the U.S. movie-going public for you in this day & age…….most would pay to see a pile of fresh, steaming crap dry in the sun and say it was a terrific performance. Just check the amounts made by the entire “Fast & Furious” chain of utter sh*t movies…..they RAKE it in. Case closed.

    • carolina diaz

      I know right.
      How can people go to see Fast&Furious 7, i mean that movie stop being good so many sequels ago.
      hahaha i read that Ashton Kutcher has 150 million dollars from What?

  • agman

    I’m sorry but her and her broker have lost it. It’s not going to sell at that price. The interior looks like it was last updated in 1999. Not to mention the building is located right next to a subway tunnel. You can get a penthouse with modern upgrades and features with a central park view minus the tunnel on the UES for less then $30million! Come on now.

    • D800GUY

      all that wood in 1999? more like 1989…


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