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  • horselips

    Land isn’t cheap anywhere anymore, and after buying 21 acres, obviously there wasn’t much left for the mansion. It’s selling now for $160/sq. ft., all that acreage included. The exterior is fine. I like it. Notwithstanding being featured in AD, the interior is awful. In fact, it’s so bad, that $3.3 million is pushing it. I’ll wager the seller will take $2.8 million if some moron offers it.

    • Andrew

      Agreed, and I especially disliked their choice the exposed white bricks/dark grout for interior walls. But I thought you’d give them some points for having not one but TWO elevators! (I saw a wheelchair in one of the rooms, maybe that’s why they had two lifts)

  • AJ Filburn

    Is this home for sale? I am interested in buying for 5 million

  • AJ Filburn

    monopoly dollars

  • Seth Ryan

    5.5 million!

  • AJ Filburn

    6 mil

  • Seth Ryan

    Fuck yourself!


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