17,000 Square Foot Palatial Limestone Mansion In Caesarea, Israel | Homes of the Rich – The #1 Real Estate Blog


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  • Kenny Michael Forder

    Never knew Israel had such amazing homes!

  • Tony

    This is hideous lol. That entryway looks like cheap mcmansion spec home quality. And that weird fireplace thing practically in the doorway looks awful. Sometimes you have bad taste for someone that is so educated about architecture. We have similar tastes when it comes to some homes. I really liked that Cogemad home in France. I like Champ D’or and the Stone Mansion. I also like other homes you’ve featured such as Fleur De Lys, Chateau Des Fleur, La Belle Vie, Le Belvedere, Chateau Des Agnes and the Carolwood estate that Michael Jackson died in. I think we agree on most of those I just mentioned but sometimes your tastes aren’t as discriminating as mine cause this is a hot ass mess.

  • Tony

    oops, I meant to say Le Palais Des Anges, not Chateau Des Agnes lol.


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