Billionaire Tom Hicks’ Historic Dallas Estate Officially On The Market For $100 Million | Homes of the Rich – The #1 Real Estate Blog


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  • WrteStuf

    And the property backs up to former President George W. Bush’s home on Daria Place!

  • Daniel

    It really is an outstanding home and property. Gorgeous. Maurice Fatio really was extremely talented.

  • Grrrowler

    One of my all-time favorite houses; it’s simply gorgeous. In spite of its size and formality, it looks amazingly liveable. Interestingly, the original agent’s web page for the house, with dozens of pics, is still up.

  • horselips

    Yes, it’s all very nice, but it’s a little much for one person and a small dog, I might have to advertise for a roommate or two. Uhh, before I dropped $100 million on somebody else’s idea of gracious living, I think I would assemble a group of competing architects and see what that much, or better yet, half that much might buy nowadays.

  • Allison

    Finally an estate that is truly WORTH 100million+++. This is one of my all time favorite homes and it is considered to be one of the most SIGNIFICANT estates in the United States. This home was originally built in the 1930’s and because of it’s impeccable bones it is relevant in 2015!! The recent renovations has only enhanced what was already a perfect jewel. ONLY the highest quality of materials were used in this house which enables this estate to last from generation to generation. The modern traditional furnishings are absolutely perfect for this home. Every room screams attention to detail…the library itself is worth 100million 🙂 The other elements that truly make this property well worth the price tag,besides the exquisite main home,are the expansive grounds which includes a well appointed guest house that most people would kill to have as their main house. The guest house is just as luxurious as the main house. There is also a pool/recreation house that is beyond words. OMG did you see the men’s master closet with FIREPLACE….the pic shown is only half of the closet, there’s a whole other session to the right with more closets and a center cabinet of drawers!! I DIE!

  • Hunter

    Unreal estate, a true legend. Here is a link to some webpage devoted to this estate, with tons of pics:

    Lots of interior and exterior plus landscape shots. The property is stunning. I’d never leave if this was my place!

    • Matt

      I totally agree with you…this home is indeed a true legend. When one thinks of an estate, this would surpass any expectations. Every detail is impeccable. The link you gave shows the older pics of the estate,which is nice to compare it’s transformation over time. But if one wants to see the current renovated pics here is the link:

  • Lucas

    Garage space for only seven cars?

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