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  • horselips

    There are some very impressive rooms, such as the home office and the home theater, and I don’t even like home theaters. There are also some very unimpressive spaces – specifically all the others. The sky-high price and the teensy-weensy lot are automatic deal breakers. I gotta rant. Here goes.

    I’m coming to the sad conclusion that California is hopeless. Developers seem to be able to stick any ol’ mansion they want on any ol’ sliver of ground, charge whatever they want, and some idiot with more money than brains will buy it. WE have seen here in HOTR, some true monuments to mediocrity, listed at impossible prices. For thirty million dollars, every box should be checked, and I should be able to throw my camera at the house and be guaranteed a cover shot. No bad angles, no bad sides. Every room should be a masterpiece of size, proportion and layout. Lots of impressive sight lines are a must. Outside, alfresco facilities should anticipate every need from the family to large scale entertaining.

    Well, it ain’t happenin’. The industry has gotten lazy, and the customers more complacent. Builders and architects should take a page from the automobile makers, where intense competition and high customer expectations are resulting, year after year, in more reliable and better equipped cars. (Never mind the recalls.)


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