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  • vova

    The front looks nice.

  • Daniel

    It feels a bit like a Chinese knock off to me. Don’t get me wrong, there are nice materials and details inside and out, but something about it feels contrived.

  • Mak

    Ok…first, that teeny weeny fountain. It has to go. Like this afternoon. It’s either a) gonna scratch the helz out of some very expensive car door, or b) someone’s going to back into it and knock it over sending water everywhere.

    Second thing…the guest house. I hate the placement. Couldn’t they have made it perpendicular to the house or something? It looks like it moved off the foundation in an earthquake and slid towards the main house. OOPS! The second thing about it is that it’s fucaked inside. Is it really a guest house? All I see is a coupled of bedrooms and a “managers office”…but no kitchen, no hanging out room, no minifridge, no washer dryer, no anthing that is usually found in a house.

    Main house? Goddamn someone loves them some chandeliers. All over the damn place. What a pain in the ass to keep clean!

    Is that a masseuse table? Looks like a very cold slab of marble to lie on for a rub down if you ask me. The only time I’ll want to be on a cold slab is when I’m dead and they’re taking me apart to find out what killed me.

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