$17.5 Million 14,000 Square Foot Contemporary Mansion In Las Vegas, NV | Homes of the Rich – The #1 Real Estate Blog

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  • tennis4life

    I like the lot is sits on with the commanding views, wish the 7 sable ridge court home in the same community had this lot instead. The home theater is not really a theater given the barely larger than your average hd tv size. Wish it had the home theater of 1717 enclave in vegas. Speaking of 1717 enclave, Kenny you said because that house vas in vegas its worth only 8 million considering they bought it for 6 mill and put in 5 years of reno and expensive features it will go for at least 14 mill. Do you think this house will sell for 8 mill, doubt it!! there are pricey properties in vegas I do believe there is money in that community and a few billionaire compounds so just because its vegas don’t be unrealistic in your valuations!!

  • kayla callahan

    are there two different pools fire pits and spa

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