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  • horselips

    Hmmm, 6 acres of land, 15,000 square feet, 18 car garage, and all for $4,900,000. That’s just $326/sq.ft., it will be interesting to see what they can do for that.

  • Andrew

    Any house with 18-car garage gets bonus points in my book, but it looks like it could be a pretty great home in other ways as well, especially for that money. Just as long as they don’t screw up the interiors… which I am almost certain they will – they just can’t help themselves.

  • James

    The house was originally listed for $8M finished, after the guy building the house suddenly died of a heart attack. The architect and builder are the same ones that designed and built the 40,000 sq ft mansion in Lake Saint Louis, MO.

    • Jack

      Hey James, any idea the name of the architect and builder? If they are responsible for both houses, then I love their work and would like to check out their website and portfolio.

  • James


    The builder’s website is http://www.gterbrock.com http:/, and the architect’s site is /www.schaubsrote.com.


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