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  • tennis4life

    Theatre # 2, clearly the best since its not only deign but the size of the screen 12×24 of the chad Oppenheim residence for director Michael bay. # 3 and # 12 also , although in #3 wish the screen was even larger and maybe half the seating, how many times do you have 50 over for movies. My biggest pet peeve is always the size of the rooms and the dwarfed screens by comparison, the movie theatre especially home theatres the picture should get first priority, screen size plus quality of the projector , followed by the sound, then the frills at the end. Usually in home theatres its the reverse. That’s why if I make the large figure amount in the near future nothing beats the home Imax theatres even at the cost of 3+ millions for a movie buff, just need the right size room to accommodate a 30-40 foot screen!!

  • horselips

    Because I am usually too busy to devote 2-3 hours exclusively to much of anything, least of all a movie, I really don’t have much desire for a home theater. My flat screen is right where it belongs – in my home office, in the same sight line as my monitor.

  • Mak

    Every time I see one of these home theaters, it makes me feel lonely as hell. Yes, if you have 12 kids and they have multiple friends, perhaps it makes sense. However, kids today don’t want to watch what you want to watch and none of them can agree with each other what they want to watch so it’s just a big waste of space. When the kids aren’t around, well, sitting in one can be downright depressing.

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