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  • Daniel

    The exterior and grounds are lovely. Interior desperately needs a makeover. Living room seems quite small. Dining room is a travesty (at least the wall color and finish is).

    • Grrrowler

      It took me a minute, but I finally remembered where I saw the dining room wall color before: http://36.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_m067y75GXP1rnn734o1_500.jpg

      • Daniel

        I just cannot imagine sitting in that room attempting to enjoy a meal and feeling comfortable. God forbid they’re serving rare steak or a pot roast.

        • Grrrowler

          Red stimulates appetite, but not when it looks like the main course was slaughtered in the room and its blood used to coat the walls.

  • horselips

    I like the dining room just fine. Frankly, I’ve kinda had it with the endless parade of earth tones we see here so often. Screw neutral colors. This mansion is lovely inside and out, and the kids’ playground, with its tree house and miniature cottage is adorable. Every emotion is fed – from power to serene – it’s all here. Love it.


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