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  • Daniel

    It’s a lovely home. Love the exterior and driveway. Interior is nice; nothing terribly unique but good details here and there. My biggest problem with the home is the tennis court facing the wrong direction; I would replace it with either more house or a formal garden.

  • horselips

    DROOOOOOL. What a splendid mansion. I really like the aquarium in the dining room. For special occassions, fill that baby up with lobsters and let your guests pick their own. My only real complaint is the livestock water trough masquerading as a luxury bathtub – aw c’mon, it isn’t even a whirlpool. That’s not very luxurious.

  • Teddi

    Love this house. Only thing I’d change is the living room. It should be two stories. Two stories and this house would be perfection.
    Everything is lovely and nothing is over the top. Great neighborhood. Right on the ocean with a dock across the road, all on an adequate amount of land. A rarity in PBC.


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