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  • dan

    Kenny, great selection!

    Jaw dropping indeed. If this home is sold furnished, it may be the best value in wonderful mansions I have ever seen on this site. (HoR)

  • horselips

    Just look at the pictures. Magnificent elevation and stuyle. The architect is both artist and scientist and Juan Carlos Ochoa is a credit to his profession. Every room is perfectly designed and furnished according to its purpose. The Great Room is…great. The round Dining Room table is both large yet intimate. The Library is a monument to craftsmanship, and the power and refinement of the owner. The Home Theater is breathtaking – it even has balconies. The Master Bathroom is a masterpiece – that decorated tub, in its own niche, with chandelier, fireplace and stained glass ornamentation – true luxury. The alfresco facilities, the landscaping – everything is maxed-out, and the cherry on top is the full sized 1.3 acre lot allows the owner freedom of action should his tastes or needs or wants ever change. This is truly a Home Of The Rich.

  • tennis4life

    Kenny,bang on, jaw dropping is right!!! again I usually go for contemporary but just love the detailing
    of the stonework both on the columns and arches as well as the carved fireplaces. The interior courtyard is
    so vibrant like in e Spanish village. Again love the feel of the home theater just wish both the screen size and theater itself were about 4 times larger, theater should be about the screen first and decorative second.
    Wish the lot was bigger or had the stunning views of 23036 n via ventosa drve in Scottsdale that was featured here last year and that lot size of 6.5 acres to go with that property, which I just viewed the past few days and really liked, so would replace the putting green here with a sunken tennis court!!!!!
    but Kenny given the choice of the two properties this or the above mentioned in az which one if you had to pick??

  • tennis4life

    Just saw an overhead map of the property, and the reason for the inward design of the courtyard
    is probably due to the fact that it is sited right on a community road, didn’t realize also that just down the street was a favorite property I liked mainly for its gorgeous landscaped lot, located at 3 mozart lane.
    However to the right of this house seems to me a huge lot partially used for community basketball and who knows what else to come, so now the property seems less appealing, again wish this house was on that lot
    mention in Scottsdale az, if I had the means to buy either at this time!

  • The Mood

    One word. AWFUL! Not a fan of the gaudy over the top Liberace furniture.

  • ugly guy

    why a home need 2-story opera style home theater ????

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