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  • horselips

    This ‘home’ certainly begs the question, is it possible to design a decor that is less inviting, less comforting, less private, and less interesting than this one? I doubt it.

  • Daniel

    I’ve seen this home in a few shows and movies. It certainly does give off a sense of coldness. It very much feels like a medical office. It’s interesting, but I would never want to call it home.

  • John

    Looks like a really nice prison. No thanks. A home should be warm and inviting. This is more like a cold steel fortress. Plus who makes people walk through the grass to get in the pool. Do you want to have to clean it nonstop?

    • carolina

      i have a pool but you have to walk through the grass to get in.
      And i never thought that you have to clean it nonstop.
      Why do you think that?

  • RickAce

    And over in this cage we have the humans on display…

  • Andrew

    You’re a very traditional lot! Well it’s not for everyone, that’s true. But can we at least agree the location is spectacular? (some pictures on the listing page show it better)

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