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  • Daniel

    I think this is the first time I’ve seen a staircase go through a fireplace. Considering there is no chimney I’m guessing it’s gas?

  • horselips

    A quarter of an acre. LOL, I think you do this just to stomp on my hot button and yank my chain ’till it snaps. As for the waterfront – there’s not enough frontage there to tie up more than an entry-level boat – hardly the vessel an owner in this social class would be caught dead floating about in. A beach would be preferable to this nearly useless dock. No doubt about it – this waterfront shtick is being grossly oversold – it’s a gimmick that’s of no genuine value.

    As for that fireplace – I would venture to say it was gas. Which means the builder tore the guts out of a Lady Kenmore BBQ, buried the burners between some phony logs and stuffed it all into a rather lovely mantle. It’s all lipstick on a pig. A gas fireplace is a fraud, plain and simple. No crackle, no aroma, no real warmth – you might as well just sit in your kitchen aand flip on the goddam stove.

  • RickAce

    Kitchen feels claustrophobic… must be the lack of windows.

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