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  • Daniel

    A fabulous home. Perfect for the wealthy retired couple. I personally would have commissioned a two-story home, but with this quality it’s easy to fall in love. Fantastic detailing and proportions inside and out. My least favorite room is the kitchen…not a fan of the cabinets. A few more details here (home #6):


  • Daniel

    Hooray…Found the property brochure!


  • horselips

    Feel the love! Every inch crafted with care and consummate skill. I love the single story design ethic – none of the first floor rooms are squashed with 10-12 foot ceilings under the second story’s floor. With a single story, every room can be a high volume proposition. Every room can have direct access to the outside. And single story mansions, by obvious necessity, have an enormous footprint. With a double height ceiling and tall windows throughout, they can look much larger and more extensive and impressive than multi-story buildings. Of course, you lose the visual impact of grand staircases (a blessing to us old folks), meaning you might have to find a more appropriate place to exile your grand piano to. Daniel – thank you for finding the property brochure – good job.

  • Roosevelt

    This mansion makes me mad that I don’t have $47 million to spend.

    It’s gorgeous and the location is fantastic.

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