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  • horselips

    LOL, seems that the old saw, “a fool and his money are soon parted,” couldn’t be more true. It’s like the developers and builders can smell your money a mile away and they see you coming. They rub their hands together, lick their lips, and with a wink and a nod, they carve out a ridiculous half acre ‘oceanfront’ lot, stuff a huge but still average house on it, soak you for a high 8 figures, then laugh all the way to the bank. “Snidely Whiplash, call your office! The rich are house hunting!”

    Here we have a great big average house, embellished with a few upscale features like a bowling alley, a bit of nice paneling, some dramatic lighting, and so forth. YAWN. And for all that, and especially for what you DON’T get, like land, because if you prefer tennis or basketball to bowling – you’re S.O.L. If you want to have a house party (the rich do entertain quite a bit) and invite 40 or 50 friends over, where do they park? Why, just offshore, in the ocean! More like in front of your neighbors houses for 2 or 3 blocks in both directions? Wonderful. They’ll love you for that., just as you’ll love them when they host their next get together. And for all this, you get invoiced for $28 million freaking dollars. That’s over $2,600 for every rather average square foot of house. One star.

    • tennis4life

      Yes it is pricey, but you bitch about all oceanfront/Beverly hills lots as being small, hey its freakin oceanfront!!
      yet you raved about the humongous 1 1/2 acre lot at 14 strauss terrace in rancho mirage, I said I like t the rancho mirage house but that’s also some ” nice paneling and stonework, and yet as it suits your taste more that’s well worth the 17 mill? just go to the listing of the 14 strauss terrace house click on maps and you will see where that lot is located close to the communities power electrical grid station down to the right of the property and on a main community road, and even at the lot size the way its configured, still cant fit a tennis court in at all, so would much rather have the oceanfront with the larger home theater and bowling alley if they would take say 20 mill!! 1/2 acre of oceanfront beats 11/2 desert any time all the time !!!!!!!!!

  • ADM

    Is that a couch in the driveway?

    • horselips

      Yes, it is. it’s the only thing that will fit on what’s left of that teeny tiny lot.

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