21,000 Square Foot Triplex Penthouse In NYC To List For $150 Million | Homes of the Rich – The #1 Real Estate Blog

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  • Hunter

    A full bath for each bedroom I get, but I cannot fathom at to why you need 10 additional half baths?? You already have almost 3 full baths per floor, now you want to add 3 more half baths per floor as well?? Crazy. If they need help in thinking of what to do with the extra space, I can help them no problem. Just stop with the bathroom madness!!

    • Jmarie

      It’s for the parties of course. when you have a house full of people that need to piss the night away. or whatever partiers do in bathrooms.

  • Lucy

    When you’re that wealthy, it’s not about ‘needing’ extra bathrooms, it’s about having it because you can.

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