$16.9 Million Mediterranean Oceanfront Mansion In La Jolla, CA | Homes of the Rich – The #1 Real Estate Blog


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  • dan

    Wow. Just wow! This house has wood beams on every ceiling. This is my cup of tea.
    My favorite style, my favorite city, my favorite ocean! Now all I need is $20 million.

  • horselips

    You’re right, dan, about the house – it is very nicely done. I especially like the ceiling ornamentation in the kitchen and breakfast room. My only complaint, and unfortunately it would be a deal breaker for me, is the inadequate 1/3 acre lot. I may or may not want to add a basketball or tennis court, a guest house or two, an extra garage for my collectible rides, or some other large scale improvement, but after putting out $17 million, the last thing I want to discover is I can’t because I just don’t have the room. Being filthy rich should mean never having to say “I can’t.” Especially for the reason that I bought a “home of the rich” that was sited on an entry level tract house development lot. Still, a beautiful house though.

    • dan

      Large lots are rare on the beach. But there is a lot to be said for the “trac mansion” or “McMansion”. Its a lot of square footage for the dollar, and you can always upgrade as the budget allows. I hope you enjoy your lovely house.

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