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  • Brian

    First mansion I have seen designed by a plumber. At least the bathrooms must be impressive. I note that they don’t have the temerity to display the price, but whatever it is, it’s still too high.

  • Daniel

    Defintely a contender for one of the worst homes ever featured on here. Was this designed in Paint on a computer running Windows 95?

  • horselips

    Whatever that silly little water feature behind the house is, it’s certainly not a lake. Lake Como is a lake. Lake Mead is a lake. That’s a mosquito-infested pond. What is this place? I can’t translate the elevation into any known genre. It seems to be in the “nursing home transitional” style. Why am I wasting time commenting about this P.O.S.?

  • Andrew

    Terrible! Frustrating thing is, I sent Kenny several decent Australian properties but he just won’t publish them. I think he has it in for Australia…

  • ADM

    Red Roof Inn/ The Sims Part 1


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