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  • Andrew

    I like the house itself, I’m just not sure if it’s the best choice for the cold climate – the heating bills must be enormous with all that glass, even if it is all double-glazed.

  • horselips

    This is so horrible, I would even prefer a rustic barn. And for me, that’s a big leap.

  • Daniel

    The night shot is very interesting with all the lights on, but the interior is horrid. Green steel beams don’t exactly equate to a welcoming feeling for me.

  • Brian

    I agree with the other commenters that this is hardly a cozy abode, not quite my style either. But architecturally quite superb, Architectural Record Houses grade. And in photo #1, I would have guessed 10K sq ft, not 5K. But I have trouble wrapping my head around 5K sq ft on a quarter acre for $14M. Seems steep even for BH, but I suppose it’s the local market.

  • Grrrowler

    I’ve wandered around the outside of this house many times but have never been inside. Outside it’s remarkable how well the modern architecture fits into the natural surrounding, and the massing of the house on the hillside is really attractive up close. Inside it’s exactly what I expected, unfortunately. I think the house could be warmed up by a skilled decorator, but I’m afraid that ultimately it would still just be a warehouse in the woods.

    For about the same money I’d take 54 Beaver Dam Road (which I have been in and which isn’t done justice by the listing photos). Even though it’s a totally different class of house, 107 Rockledge Road is truly ski in/out and looks much more livable than this place.

  • LE

    The house at night is beautiful, but the interior is just too commercial with all the exposed steel beams.

  • Tam

    I really have no business in looking at the house of this price tag…but but…for the money that spent oh My God I would definitely want my money back! absolutely horrible and so unwelcome from the pictures…what was the point of this house?…anyhow I’m only one person, others might find this modern and all that great things that go with this..but it’s definite a no for me, my 100K log cabin is just fine, thanks very much! :>>>

  • FrisianJute

    Hmmm, this home has too much of an 80s Miami Vice feeling, which isn’t a good thing, LOL. Beautifully positioned property though.

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