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  • horselips

    What an elevation! The freaking garage, the superimposed 2nd floor, the yard fence, and that’s it. Obviously inspired. And that interior – the “garage door chic” carries on . More garage doors were nailed to the ceilings of the major rooms, other garage doors were broken up to make window frames and other trim. The icing on this garage-door inspired insult is that expansive 1/3 acre lot, which allows the buyer, who just dropped $13 million, unlimited opportunity to personalize his lifestyle by adding a tennis court or b-ball court, or alfresco facilities like a gazebo with summer kitchen , guest house, or pool house, or add another garage to accommodate all of his family’s rides…NOT. Just kidding. This isn’t a home of the rich, it’s a garage door paneled jail. And a very expensive one at that.

    • tennis4life

      As usual your attack on everything modern or contemporary is both misinformed and laughable, this home was featured in architectural digest, obviously they know nothing about architecture and design yet you are the source of all such knowledge. Also the comment on the recent Beverly hills modern you called a concrete bunker was the last work of famous Mexican modernist architect ricardo legorreta.

      Why don’t you just stick to fawning over your plush satin lined puffy architecture from Victorian times or greek or whatever other outdated or copied style grandma and grandpa make you feel cosy and warm all over,
      just give us all a break from the nonsense please!!!!!!!

  • dan

    I really love that copper clad standing bathtub!

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