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  • Daniel

    Nice spaces throughout. Good detailing inside and out. Really like the size and scale of the living room. Kitchen is perhaps the one room that is a bit small. Overall, a nice home in the Estates section.

  • horselips

    It’s a nice house, but not for over $1400/ square foot. There’s just not enough of anything. Once again, the puny lot and wretched garage space kills the deal. Four tenths of an acre. The imagination runs wild at the prospect. 8800 square feet. Twelve and a half million dollars. For that price of admission, I have certain minimum standards – ten-twelve thousand square feet. At least one whole acre. A few 2 story rooms. An appropriate garage. You get the idea. I know location is a consideration, even critical to the vain and self-important, but what exactly is the point of a prestigious location, which cost a fortune to acquire, if it comes with so many compromises? If love means never having to say you’re sorry, then wealth should mean never having to say “I can’t, I don’t have the room, I’m not allowed, etc.”

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