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  • Kenny Forder

    That kitchen is gorgeous 🙂

  • horselips

    Quality materials and really fine craftsmanship throughout, my only objection is with the floor plan. Pic #2 – having the second floor pass directly over the front door is poor. The front door is a unique focal point, and an opportunity for grandeur in any decent mansion – here it is squashed into insignificance. Pic #6 – the Great Room. It appears a whole 12-14 feet wide. Geezus, with over 10,000 square feet available, might not the 2 story great room be a little more…uhm…great? The second floor landing, pic #13, is actually grander in appearance and ornamentation than the so-called great room. The rec room, Pic #17, is no nicer than any that couold be found in a 2500 square foot tract house. So many opportunities were missed. Really sad.

    • Mike

      I disagree about the foyer and the front door, It’s refreshing to see designers do something other than the double staircase foyer. And I’m surprised to say I do agree with you about the great room needing to larger, and I think the master bedroom should be larger also. Maybe you feel that way about the rec room because it doesn’t have a billiard table or decorated but it’s everything you look for as a home buyer open space with oppturnities to design and put in whatever you want. I love the ceilings and the architecture in the hallways. My only other complaint (and I’m surprised you didn’t mention this) is the trailer park blue shutters on the outside?! I’m guessing they had separate interior and exteriors designers ….

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