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  • Daniel

    It looks like a lovely home. Love the interior design. Elegant and formal without being gaudy or uncomfortable. The only gripe I have is the terra cotta roof…I would have gone with Slate or metal.

    • horselips

      I agree that it’s a lovely mansion. Those terra-cotta looking roof tiles might be metal. A house I owned had a “tile” roof that was all steel. Looked great, and had a 100 year guaranty.

    • Peter

      Slate or metal on a Mediterranean house?

      • Daniel

        See, that’s the thing. The front is very French with the flat roof, the limestone details, and the lack of ornamentation. However, the rear of the home is more reminiscent of a Mediterranean style.

        • Peter

          But I don’t think it is. I think that, among other things, arched openings and loggias give you a clue that this is some faux-Italian Renaissance villa. The problem is limestone, which isn’t a typical material for such a style. That tricks you into thinking this is French. Something about that facade material makes it look like something out of a desert or Star Wars desert location, which shouldn’t happen.

  • Jason

    Richard Landry on Roxbury ( I believe) in Beverly Hills

    • Peter

      Yep. I thought that the moment I saw it.

  • CHAP

    This is the address:

    1006 N Roxbury Dr Beverly Hills, CA 90210

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