Lavish French Chateau In Flower Mound, TX For Under $2 Million! | Homes of the Rich – The #1 Real Estate Blog

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  • horselips

    The building is gorgeous, the interior a bit ‘red,’ redone in a less severe color would result in a very pleasant environment. Well worth two-thirds the asking price.

  • Andrew

    OK so it looks like a bargain at under 2 mil, but you need to budget probably twice as much for a complete strip out and refit of absolutely everything inside. That interior is a shocker!

  • Charlie

    This house is only 7,490 sqft, which is quite small for a $2,000,000 house, especially in “Flower Mound” Texas. The decadent architecture and interior are misleading, I’m sure this house looks weird in real life only being 7,490 sqft. That kind of exterior is better suited for a real mansion (20,000 sqft)

  • Tanner Bennett

    Love the look of the outside… Interior is a bit… Gaudy?

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