Lavish 15,000 Square Foot Mansion In Queensland To Be Auctioned Off | Homes of the Rich – The #1 Real Estate Blog

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  • tlca

    How many gallons of paint would you need for 15,000 SF???

  • Andrew

    This decor definitely makes a statement. It might be great for somebody, but it’s too much for me. There are parts I quite like – orange/red walls work well in my view, wooden floors are nice, some rooms are acceptable though I’m not loving their taste in furniture on the whole. Other parts are awful – most wallpapers (but then I don’t like wallpaper in general), and why is the ceiling in the lounge (pic 9) so glossy?

  • Daniel

    Why would you Photoshop cars into the picture, not out of them?

  • dan

    I will start the bidding with $1.

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