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  • Andrew

    Goodness me, what happened here? I like the interiors, but the shape of the building?!? it looks like they run out of money half-way through building the first floor… or they were aiming to create a pyramid, Mayan-style… and run out of money before they could add the top level.

  • horselips

    I love the elevation – kindova Babylonian-Baroque (?!?), but hey, it’s creative. There doesn’t seem to be much privacy, as narrow as the house is, one can still see neighboring dwellings crowding in on it from both sides. The interior is sufficiently embellished with moldings, arched windows and such, but there are problems. What is it with Britsh Commonwealth architects that the simplest elegance – a compartmentalized bathroom – generally eludes them? That home office, a whole 8 feet wide, and panelled in white paint, doesn’t cut it. The covered alfresco in picture 7 doesn’t appear on the floorplan. The subterranean garage shows a side entrance, but picture 1 shows fences on both sides of the house.

    Looking at the dimensions where given, this is not a mansion, I doubt the total area exceeds 4 thousand square feet. Speaking of area, how can an agent offer a listing without size of the lot, the square footage of the house, or price?

    • horselips

      My mistake – the garage shows a front enttrance, but there isn’t enough room between the building and the side fences to pass a car through.

      • horselips

        Forget what I said about the garage – I see the driveway, or at least I think I see it. Pretty tight. Don’t drink and drive – not home anyway.

    • Andrew

      @horseliips: it is quite common in Australia not to list the area and I totally agree – it is very annoying! Lack of price is due to the fact the house will be sold the way overwhelming majority of properties here are sold: through an auction. You might notice prices are rarely quoted for Australian properties featured here – that is the reason.

  • TheArchitect

    The house is like a “pyramid” due to the idiotic regulations of Melbourne building regulations, can’t be higher than 8m and depending on the block orientation as well it has come in at the second level because of those regulations, needing to come in a metre for every 2 point something meters high to avoid over shadow to the neighbors, its ridiculous these new regulations and it destroys and restricts architecture especially on small land like this Brighton house.

    New regulations have been brought in to reduce “flat” roof homes yet it’s caused the opposite as everyone builds to the highest they can and then make a flat roof like this house

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