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  • Grrrowler

    I’ve loved house #2 since I was a little kid and it’s right down the street from where I grew up, so I have to say that it’s my favorite.

    • Kenny Forder


  • John

    What are the locations for these homes?

    • Grrrowler

      #2 is on E. 27th Place in Tulsa, OK. #13 is the Kentucky Governor’s Mansion. #14 is Beechwood in Newport, RI. #15 is Wadsworth in Middletown, CT. #16 is Glenview in Rockville, MD.

  • horselips

    Stunning elevations. But, given the weather, why aren’t their chimneys belching the comforting smoke of their romantic, warming fireplaces? All built with phony-baloney gas fireplaces perhaps? Alas. Anyway, except for 10,11,and 12, they’re all spectacular.

    • Andrew

      Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but belching smoke is no longer considered ‘in’ … something to do with environment, pollution and other such nonsense.

  • Otessa Regina Compton

    Number 12 is by far my favorite. It has all the qualities of feeling cozy, elegant, and has a family like appeal.

  • dan

    Number 12 looks best in the snow.

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