$9 Million French Inspired Waterfront Mansion In Quebec, Canada | Homes of the Rich – The #1 Real Estate Blog

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  • Otessa Regina Compton

    This is a terrific compromise for some people having a desire for dark rooms, and others having a desire for light color effect rooms. A family would has people needing both, would find this desirable. There is a balance here for both worlds.

  • horselips

    DROOOOOL !!! It’s gorgeous. The architectural ornamentation – pilasters, arches, door and window frames, marble and stone flooring, ceilings, paneling, railings, domes, etc. – is lavish yet not overdone. WTF, I even like the wood floors. Luv the built-in bathtub in the master bathroom (instead of one of those stupid free standing ceramic eggshell thingies with exposed plumbing up the back). The $9 million price tag seems like a bargain considering how many awful mansions are priced at twice or three times that. Nitpicks -the 2 car garage.

    Note to landscaper: Lose the snow. Nice try, but I like the house better without it.

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