$6.8 Million Newly Built Stone & Shingle Colonial Mansion In Weston, MA | Homes of the Rich – The #1 Real Estate Blog


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  • horselips

    Another fantastic wine cellar. Even if the buyer is a dedicated connoisseur, even if he’s a raving alcoholic, I will wager real American money that room will never see more than a hundred bottles of adult grape juice. And half of whatever is stored in there will still be there when the owner sells or dies.

    Back to the house, it is a bit white, but since most mansions are a bit beige, it’ll do. I prefer 2 story ceilings where possible, especially over the foyer, but at least the family room and master bedroom are reasonably tall. I also like to see lavish alfresco (II love that word) facilities – covered verandas, outdoor kitchens and fireplaces, but that’s because I live in Arizona where outdoor entertaining is almost year round (we have just 2 seasons, summer and Christmas day.) For almost $7 million, I’d like to be able to park more than 3 rides, thank you.

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