$5.8 Million Newly Built French Country Inspired Mansion In Arcadia, CA | Homes of the Rich – The #1 Real Estate Blog

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  • This is a nice home but it is worth the price? I’d have to say no! I am guessing that this area of Cali caters to an affluent lifestyle in an overrated fashion (living in DC, I get it). Overall, I really do like the design and certain rooms of the home…well, actually, just the foyer with the dome ceiling and staircase. Again, this is a nice home but nice ain’t worth nearly $6M!

  • horselips

    As lovely as much of this mansion is, having it shoehorned into a teensy-weensy lot of half an acre (minus utility easements, and rights of way) doesn’t cut it. We all have minimum standards for things, and for mansions, I have a minimum standard of at least 1 measly acre of ground. Yes, there are luxury dwellings that come with no ground at all, like penthouse apartments and so forth, but to me, they hold no attraction. So, because of the inadequate setting, this house gets 2 stars.

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