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  • Andrew

    I don’t know why they chose battleship grey for the outside colour, but it’s nice enough inside. Not $38 million nice, though.

  • horselips

    What on earth is that goofy looking thing hanging from the ceiling in picture #5? Is it some kind of fireplace? If so it is a most eloquent condemnation of the bankruptcy and silliness of ‘contemporary décor.” This P.O.S. is easily worth a full 10% of its asking price, which is quite an achievement for a contemporary mansion. Kudos and Props.

    • Andrew

      It is indeed, it’s a hanging wood stove, if you care to google for this term you’ll find quite a few such designs, some very similar, some mounted on the walls. It doesn’t bother me – what’s wrong with it hanging? At least it’s easy to clean underneath, and it doesn’t damage the floor.

      • Barney

        You’re half AND totally right, Andrew. That’s not a wood stove but it is a fireplace. You’re totally right in that it is in perfect keeping with a contemporary home and Horseslips obviously has all the knowledge, acumen and vision of a piece of styrofoam as evidenced by his or her complete lack of appreciation for any house that most likely doesn’t have lace curtains, pine floors and red brick fireplaces. I LOVE this house, EXPECIALLY the indoor pool….(STUNNING!). But i do agree that the asking price is good, old-fashioned NUTS.

    • Barney

      It is a fireplace that is in perfect keeping with the design of this FANTASTIC home. While I agree that the asking price is clinically psychotic, you obviously have all the knowledge, appreciation and understanding of contemporary homes of your average American. Nothing more need be said, unfortunately.

      • WIll

        I agree the pictures are horrid, but the home is beautiful, not $40 million beautiful but It is on Sands Point. There are homes half the size that are quite bizarre looking for over $10 million. I would say $20 million max.

  • Barney

    In addition, the photos are PITIFUL and the Listing Agent should be SERIOUSLY embarrassed and forced to PAY A PROFESSIONIAL photographer to reshoot the listing. The Sellers should have absolutely screamed BLOODY MURDER when they first saw them. They are categorically inexcusable.

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