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Location: 5212 Spanish Heights Drive, Las Vegas, NV

Square Footage: 35,000

Bedrooms & Bathrooms: 8 bedrooms & 10+ bathrooms

Price: $35,000,000

So we just stumbled upon this listing on Zillow. It’s the only real estate website that seems to show it. According to Zillow, this recently built (or still being built) Contemporary style mega mansion hit the market 2 days ago with a whopping $35 million asking price. It features approximately 35,000 square feet of living space with 8 bedrooms & 10+ bathrooms. There are no pics or any other info yet, however we will post more pics/info when they become available!


  • Andrew

    I’ve seen some crappy listings with low quality pictures but ladies and gents, I think we have a winner!

    And I don’t believe it will be beaten any time soon, because seriously – the only way to produce a listing worse than this would be to just have no pictures at all.