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  • Grrrowler

    This was decorated by the fabulous Juan Pablo Molyneux. It’s not my style but it’s stunning. Dozens more pics here: http://www.molyneuxstudio.com/fr/projets/new-york-townhouse.html

  • Daniel

    A very bold (and beautiful) residence. Some of the details aren’t my style, but it’s hard to argue with the quality found throughout. The flooring is a work of art. The living room is about as perfect as any I’ve seen. I sincerely hope the owner will keep most of it as-is and not paint all the rooms off white and add some generic contemporary furnishings.

    Side note: Paula del Nunzio (or her staff) really know how to write a real estate description.

  • horselips

    I like the Masonic Lodge tile flooring, I actually had checkerboard flooring in a game room in a house I owned in the 80s. It was cool. As for the rest, Mr. Molyneux seems to favor the more feminine iterations of the styles in vogue during the closing reigns of France’s ‘ancien regime.’ Anyway, he’s a classy decorator.

    As for this crummy little apartment, and that’s what any townhouse is regardless of square footage, the $34 million price of admission is ridiculous. I don’t care where in NYC it’s located at, or that it’s in NYC at all, you still have to get something for your money besides location, and with this listing, there’s just not enough of anything. Maybe it’s enough to justify a third to half that price. Just maybe.

  • Mike

    I feel like could have been done in the living room, but I really like the foyer design and the ceiling. And as a Freemason (Lodge 186 Winter Haven, FL !!) always like that tile design

    • horselips

      Fraternal Greetings Brother!
      Epes Randolph Lodge #32, Tucson, AZ

  • Barney

    SMH, SMH, SMH.

    I guess THRITY FOUR MILLION DOESN’t get you a view anymore along with no exact address in the listing or map so we filthy peasants can’t even see it online. REVOLTING.


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