$25.995 Million Newly Listed Oceanfront Mansion In Golden Beach, FL | Homes of the Rich – The #1 Real Estate Blog


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  • Daniel

    The home was designed by Ramon Pacheco.

    It’s a nice home but I prefer Mediterranean’s in the Palm Beach style vs the Miami style.

  • horselips

    Twenty-six million dollars your ass. There’s not enough of anything here to be worth even half that price. I know half an acre isn’t a lot of land to work with, and I know location is important, but sometimes, and this is one of those times, when it couldn’t be done and shouldn’t have even been attempted. The constraints imherent with this property are just too great to overcome. Nothing about this listing makes any sense to me. The seller should pray for a hurricane, and hope he’s in good hands with…

  • Barney

    SIGHHHHHH……just YET ANOTHER example a WAY too big house on a WAY too small lot. The interior is lovely, if not overly staged (too much goin’ on in the master bedroom!) but the house has all the curb appeal of a vacant 1920’s movie palace & all the warmth of the same. And I don’t give A DEAD RATS ASS if it is on the ocean or not……a TWO-CAR, DISCONNECTED garage on a TWENTY SIX MILLION DOLLAR HOME and it’s on HALF, REPEAT HALF a facking acre?!?!?!?! On the exterior, the attempt to evoke a Mizner-esque home is laughable due to the overabundance of windows and underabundance of plain exterior wall for the eye to rest. Patently ABSURD and revolting……..and it’s just YET ANOTHER example of money NEVERRRRR having been, being or will EVERRRR be a guarantee of taste.


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