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  • Daniel

    A lovely home. Only thing I would do is add ivy to the front facade. Needs a bit of patina.

  • Mike

    The outside architecture wih limestone is decent not bad ….. The interior … WTF ! So many problems, the foyer is not worthy of a $21,000,000.00 mansion. Embarrassing! I won’t even have included that picture. Next issue is the pink-coral paint in the “formal” living room, I’m at a loss for words of how horrible this place is. And what the hell is going on in the library? A horse theme? Wooden walls with white ceiling? And does the carpet really need to be addressed? Moving on to family room, that im guessing was decorated with donated furniture donated from Goodwill. No effort at all put into the interior architecture! The only conclusion I can come to is this sad sad home is priced high in hopes that the next hurricane will put it out of it’s misery and the home owners and take the insurance money and rebuild

    • Daniel

      This is Palm Beach. Pastels a la Lilly Pultizer will always be in style. Anywhere else and it would be comical.

      • Mike

        You can do it without it looking like a nursing home …. But then again, that is south Florida.

    • Daniel

      Also, I just realzied this was decorated by Scott Snyder, one of Palm Beach’s most prominent and revered architects. Perhaps the different lighting used by his photographer is more pleasing:


    • Jackson

      No offense, but you obviously know absolutely nothing about interior design. Horses are one of the biggest trends right now, they are found all over in the high end homes all across America.

  • horselips

    I can’t get passed the 3/4 acre lot. For $21.5 million, it’s too small to even consider anything else.

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