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  • horselips

    Look at all that glass. Gee, I hope the maid does windows. This is easily among the ugliest residences this wonderful site has ever been insulted with. The elevation looks like the architect designed it with a box of Legos. I wonder what the wind chill factor is on an interior that cold?


    Although I dont hold this property as the websites ugliest ever like HorseLips, I agree its definately in the top 3 worse ever along side some other hideous monstrosities. Especially for a place like Malibu on the ocean, this place should be elegant and luxuries, with a simple beach life style atmosphere. The exterior looks like unfinished concrete. The interior is a utter and complete shame.. Fire the architect and interior designer an start over !

  • Andrew

    OK I agree it looks like a lump of dog droppings from the outside, but why all the hate for the interior design? I find interiors quite OK, in fact I think they are one redeeming feature of this home.

  • SciArc

    I know this residence quite well and despite the juvenile comments above, it’s an excellent example of sound contemporary architecture designed by Griffin Enright Architects. If you are not familiar with them, please look at their website. John Enright worked with Thom Mayne at Morphosis for 12 years. Both Margaret and John have built some intelligent designs and have many AIA awards and acknowledgements. These are not everyday builder-architects designing megamansion wet dreams. This is design with integrity by one of the top architectural firms in the country……


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