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  • JD

    looks like someone thinks they’re Tony Stark. Compensating much?

  • horselips

    A Billionaire, with a capital B, just for making a video game? Dire Straits was right – “Money for nothing, and your chicks for free…” (I know, I know, if it’s so easy, why don’t I do it. To that I say, K.M.A.)

    About the mansion – it’s a P.O.S. Just one big frame for many big windows. What’s nice is the setting, and the views you can see FROM it, and the supercars you get to park in and around it. The building itself has nothing of intrinsic value worth mentioning. 1 Star.

    • Ben

      Yeah what a shitty 23,000 sqft home…

    • I concur my good sir. Unless we are missing something, $70M is entirely too much-of course not unless you are paying for the views!

    • Barney


      I normally eat, sleep & breathe contemporary & mid-century, but this place has all the warmth & style of an abandoned autopsy lab and all the relatability to any kind of home of a Costco Warehouse. It’s so revoltingly trendy and devoid of any comfort which inarguably renders it utterly tasteless as far as I’m concerned. Looks like it was designed for a 14 year old whose never shaved yet & still has his 11-year-old voice.

      And as for the IDIOT, I mean Buyer who forked over 70 MILLION, and made 1.5 BILLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLION from a M%THER F@CKING VIDEO GAME……..it’s just further proof that uncountable millions & billions of people in this world are FIRE-BREATHINGLY INSANE. The fact that this guy made that kind of money from A GAME makes me SICK to my stomach that I have to share a species with the IMBECILES who spent THAT MUCH on A GAME to make him that MIND-BOGGLINGLY, beyond FILTHY-RICH. He’ll get divorced in a few years (like OVER 50 PERCENT of straight marriages do here in the U.S.) and it’ll be back on the market shortly afterward………MARK my words!.

    • Chris Kohler

      Like most people I bought his game by early access for 14 Euros when it still was in Beta testing, which it was for most of the time it was all the rage. When the (sort of) finished version of his game finally came out, it was already past its prime popularity-wise.
      You can calculate for yourself how many people have bought and enjoyed his game at this price for him to become a Billionaire. I think it is quite OK for “the market” to reward someone who created something that so many people enjoyed for so long, especially when you look at how many other Billionaires just inherited their riches or got it because they happened to own a piece of land with a crude oil bubble under it. And don’t even get me started on how those Russian Oligarchs made their money…

      Of all the Billionaires in the world, this selfmade guy certainly isn’t in the bottom half of a list that ranks Billionaires by how much they earned and deserve their money.

      I agree though that the house does not look like 70 Million Dollars to me either. I have seen nicer, bigger and more luxurious looking houses of that style in the 10 to 20 Million price spectrum on this site and others.
      Judging from the development of prices of houses featured on this site in the last 5 years or so, I’m afraid there is a pretty inflated bubble waiting to burst again, at least in the premium part of the real estate market.

      Mr. Persson will probably have problems making his money back if he ever sells that place again. I will never find out myself, but I am pretty sure, if I were that rich and would spend that amount of money on a house, I would not buy anything second hand but would have a house designed and custom made for my specific taste, even if that would mean I would have to buy or rent a cheaper interim home to live in while my dream house is being constructed.

  • Daniel

    I love the house but the price is terribly high for something that could have been built for half the price. But if you have $2 billion+, I suppose it really doesn’t matter.

  • Coon

    Can’t believe they got that much for it. Despite the great architecture and location, the lot is small, theres almost no privacy and half the square footage looks like its underground/windowless, I expect a lot more from a $70M home, even in Beverly Hills. At least a gate!

    This is a perfect example of what staging does. That’s one thing this house really had, epic staging and decor for the right buyer.

  • Mikey

    Give it five years, we will see it on the market again. If the billionare wants to stay single and won’t blow his money all his money by then, it may be a different story. After a year or two, he will start doubting his decision on this one. You can’t just stay inside when u pay 70 m for a house. U got to have some decent land and greenery to let yourself unwind. A swimming pool and some views won’t do.

    • Scott

      He’s married. Been married for like 3 years.

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