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  • Tony

    Hey Kenny, did the new owners do a gut renovation? It looked a hot mess in the interior back when addrienne owned it. This looks like a completely different interior???

  • Daniel

    It kind of looks the same minus the horribly gaudy furnishings and accoutrements. Still on the tacky side though…

    • Tony

      Daniel,this looks nothing the same, it looks like a full gut renovation. I actually like the interior now. It looked like a cheap hot mess before. There are intricate moldings and paneling now.

    • Chris

      Wow it looks amazing! There is no doubt this underwent a major renovation. Any more photo’s?

  • horselips

    A very handsome and impressive interior, and an eloquent rejection of annoying proletarian values like restraint and false modesty. I’m not a big fan of the rear elevation, but all in all, a very proper mansion.

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