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  • horselips

    I voted for #1 but I really don’t like any of them very much. I would rather have a less structured room with overstuffed sofas, or pit groups with lots of extra cushions – the kind of furniture the kids can make out on.

    • Chris Kohler

      I agree. For me too #1 is the best out of 4 not very good choices. There have been so many more way better, way more exiting, way prettier and way more luxurious looking home theaters featured on this site that I wouldn’t envy anyone who had the job of going through them and picking the 4 best, but those 4 here wouldn’t even have made my top 50 list, I’m pretty sure.

      What about the one inside the famous Portabello Estate for example?

    • RickAce

      I agree entirely horselips.

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