$3.4 Million 10,000 Square Foot French Provincial Brick Mansion In New Orleans, LA | Homes of the Rich – The #1 Real Estate Blog

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  • limedaiquar

    Ah, yes. Lovely ceiling heights

  • Daniel

    It has some very nice parts to it. Seems like it is on a nice street, but it also looks very exposed with little privacy. Interior for the most part is nice, but I hate the way the staircase is set up; it’s like you’re climbing into the attic or something. The woodwork is nice but I’d stain it a different color.

    • The Dilettante

      Well you technically ARE climbing into the attic, since the second story is located within the mansard roof.

  • dan

    One of the least flood prone areas of the city. Well priced. Lovely.

    But that sure looks like vinyl on the kitchen floor!

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