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  • Allen

    I like this one. A perfect summer retreat; peaceful, secluded and very comfortable.

    • robin

      not really secluded, if you look at the google map for the place you’ll see that it’s right next to a large parking lot for the Quogue Village Beach (they strategically cropped photo 1 above for you not to see this). So your “secluded beach” will be shared with a bunch of city folk trekking out the Hamptons for some beach fun. For the money I’d rather having something that really is secluded, with better ocean views from the 1st and 2nd floors of the place.

      • Allen

        Ah, I see that Robin! I still like the house (for the most part) as you can feel secluded inside the home. Coming from Las Vegas where mansions are squashed together in tiny lots, you learn to appreciate bigger ones like this. Not sure I’d like to have a clambake on the beach with my clients or friends, and have all the “locals” whooping it up so close to me though!

  • horselips

    Despite its informality, I like a lot of this mansion, especially the alfresco facilities. I don’t like the 2 car garage (you’re kidding me)and I don’t like the squashed ceilings – none of the major rooms are 2-story, and for $24+ million, they all should be. The floor plan (thank you for that) is OK if you really need all those bedrooms, but for this kind of money, and this much square footage, I would’ve liked to see some more creativity. On the plus side, it’s not modern or contemporary, and thankfully, there’s no indoor basketball court. 4 Stars.

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